Proud to be an American 

By Vic Kohring, October 6, 2018

Two years ago, the future of the United States was uncertain. After eight years of chaotic Democrat rule, we became a "fundamentally changed" society as promised by Barack Obama. But that change was mostly for the worse. A swamp of political corruption was created and the constitution largely scrapped as the president repeatedly circumvented Congress with his authoritarian style of governance.

Class divisions were fueled that set race relations back years and gave rise to violent, militant groups. America was mired in a rut. Our once mighty country and leader of the free world was beginning to resemble a much weaker Canada or any number of socialist European countries. Worse, we faced the prospect of Hillary Clinton's election who literally threatened our national security and may have cemented our demise.   

The economy was stagnant for years with a mediocre 1.4% average growth rate, while Washington tried to convince us that this was the "new normal." Our leadership was seen as weak around the world. Obama's bold, soaring, "Yes we can" rhetoric proved hollow as he often failed to back up his words with action.

Arch-enemy Iran was appeased and bought off with no tangible results. Israel, our most important ally, was frequently snubbed and Saudi Arabia viewed us as indecisive over bumbling in Syria. Russia and China were at frequent odds with the White House as Putin and Obama bickered like children and President Xi Jinping practically laughed in our face as China expanded their military presence unchallenged and ripped off Americans with smothering tariffs. It was embarrassing.  

Enter Donald Trump. Less than two years after he was sworn into office, look at the difference. The economy is in overdrive following sweeping tax cuts and the elimination of agency regulations and bureaucratic controls which shackled business and industry. Unemployment is at record lows and the gross domestic product has tripled while jobs and manufacturing are returning from overseas. The energy sector is booming with the U.S. now poised to be the world's largest oil exporter.

The stock market is rocketing upward and trillions are pouring into the federal treasury to pay down the debt and for use in rebuilding our infrastructure and military. Pro-constitution supreme court judges are in place and a multitude of conservative lower court appointments have been made. Our embassy in Israel has been relocated to Jerusalem, ISIS terrorists are on the run, our borders are stronger, a nuclear-armed North Korea has been forced to the bargaining table, NAFTA was scrapped and renegotiated and China is panicking because their gravy train is in jeopardy as we challenge their massive tariffs on U.S. produced goods.

While not in full agreement with the president's policies as a conservative with libertarian leanings, the basics are being achieved - a thriving economy, a stronger national defense, a more constitution-oriented judiciary, a safer homeland and a healthy respect throughout the world by friend and foe. The successes of our competent, adept leader are exceptional as most things he touches turn to gold. It proves that elections do matter and that one person can make a big difference.  

Trump haters accuse him of being a narcissistic, egomaniac who loves the spotlight. But why should that matter so long as he gets the job done? I could care less how the president looks, talks or acts. So what if he's a little rough around the edges or has orange hair. Nor do I care about our leader's race, gender or ethnicity. All I care about is whether our country is progressing forward.

Donald Trump may not have the silk tongue of his predecessor or act all hip while walking with a cool swagger and partying with the Hollywood elite in the White House, but at least he's accomplishing much and fulfilling his campaign promises. In fact, to borrow a phrase from Obama, the current president has "fundamentally changed" America - but this time for the better. The term Make America Great Again is not just a cute slogan but represents a remarkable transformation we've witnessed over the last 21 months. 

President Trump is off to a great start and there's much to be thankful for. But more needs to be done as his agenda remains full. As he works to lead us, it's imperative we uphold him in prayer. Pray that the president remains safe and healthy and that he's given continued wisdom, strength and courage to make the right decisions that keep us safe and prosperous.

My faith and pride in our country have been restored, and unlike before, I now look forward to the future with real optimism. For the first time since the Reagan years, I feel truly proud to be an American.