A Battle for America's Soul

By Vic Kohring, April 5, 2018

We're engaged in a battle for the soul of our country. Progressives (aka liberals, socialists) are our biggest foe, driven by an anti-American attitude who hate the values that made us great. We are figuratively at war with the left, a group that has become radicalized and engaged in an all-out assault on America. The Karl Marx "Bible," the Communist Manifesto, is openly advocated by these lefties in the form of micro-managing people's lives, spreading the wealth through heavy taxation and smothering regulation of small business, the foundation of our economy.

Many liberals have not only become advocates of socialism but now openly push atheism as they work hard to eradicate God from our country. Prayer was banned in schools on their watch. The sanctity of life means little as the slaughtering millions of unborn babies for convenience since Roe v Wade has been a "personal right" they've demanded. Traditional family values have been mostly scrapped with little respect for a man/woman-led household. Celebrating Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving is now taboo among much of the progressive crowd. Christopher Columbus and even Thomas Jefferson are viewed as racists. And so on.

It's now a "whatever feels good" mentality as we're supposed to tolerate anything and everything in a big free for all. Marry your dog if it makes you happy. Have gender reassignment surgery. Allow a male pedophile to use a women's public restroom or locker room if he wakes up one morning and "feels like a woman." Any kind of perversion is OK in the spirit of inclusiveness. After all, it's a free country, right? It seems as if society has been turned upside down with everything previously immoral now normal and acceptable. 

It gets worse. Libs wish to open our borders wide with such lax vetting that will potentially unleash drug runners, gangs and terrorists bent on wreaking havoc on us, while at the same time taxpayers are stiffed as we shower illegals with a plethora of welfare benefits including education, food, housing and even voting rights.

The goal of the liberal leadership in Congress is to secure millions of future votes rather than show a genuine concern for the plight of hurting people. It's a ruse and disingenuous ploy to grab long-term political power. Immigration made America great, but there's always been a screening process to make sure people intent on causing us harm or unfairly leeching off others aren't shown the welcome mat. 

To further eradicate any semblance of our Christian heritage from society, progressives have replaced the term "Merry Christmas" with "Happy Holidays." Instead of "You're in my thoughts and prayers," they now say, "You're in my thoughts" as the word "prayer" is no longer acceptable vocabulary. Christians are vilified and discouraged from expressing opinions, afraid of being screamed at for alleged bigotry or hate mongering. These liberal so-called champions of free speech demand that anyone who thinks differently than them be shut down so only their views are heard. What happened to tolerance and being inclusive? And forget about open dialogue. 

Mind-numbing progressive insanity is being imposed on us all led by leftwing cheerleaders who dominate the phony, mainstream press. Kids are indoctrinated in union-controlled government school monopolies and state-run colleges (training grounds for liberal activism), graduating with bitterness and even hatred in their hearts toward Christians, conservatives and even America itself, with some literally convinced that the heavy hand of communism including knee-capping the productive - not free enterprise and capitalism - is best.

This ugly race to the bottom is causing us to lose our country's identity as our culture and way of life are decimated. Sodom and Gomorra in the Bible come to mind as the U.S. continues to slip into a state of immorality, barely recognizable from a couple of generations ago. Look at the sewer of San Francisco as one example.

I have a bumper sticker tacked on a wall at home that says "Pray For America." Prayer may be our only hope at this stage. We need to get on our knees and ask God to deliver our country from the abyss and that He sends us genuine conservative, Christian leaders with courage to steer us in a different direction instead of cowering and maintaining the status quo. No more Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan RINO's, and especially no more Nancy Pelosi's and Chuck Schumer's, but true, courageous, principled, freedom-loving, God-fearing leaders. 

Let's turn on the floodlights and watch the socialist, cockroach swamp dwellers scurry for the darkness as we expose them for who they are. Unless we kick them out of Washington once and for all, we're doomed.