The Big Lie

By Vic Kohring, October 7, 2017 

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."

~ Words from Adolf Hitler, the basis of his playbook from which the liberal media justifies much of its reporting...

Our increasingly Godless society is manifesting itself in the form of a constant media assault against conservatives and Christians. Especially our president. A recent Harvard study showed a whopping 93% of mainstream press coverage on Donald Trump to be negative, compared with only 40% (I suspect it's a lot less - probably 20% tops) against Barack Obama during his tenure. The onslaught has turned into an ugly mud storm. The online news is full of hostility, whether it's Yahoo, Google and any number of outlets - a 24 hour a day, seven days a week bashing of the man. The same with print, TV and radio.

We're witnessing the biggest witch hunt in U.S. political history, unprecedented, as the anti-Trump press chorus reaches a fever-pitch. It's an attempted overthrow of the president, a brazen, unabashed effort to oust him in a bloodless coup. The press keeps manufacturing lies and smearing our leader, whether it's alleged racism, being anti-immigrant, stealing away your health care or driving us to nuclear war with North Korea. They are a destructive mouthpiece for the left whose first priority is clearly not our country, but the annihilation of their political opponents in an out-of-control frenzy.  

Led by the press, most bastions of American liberalism are in a hysteria of hatred against the president including Hollywood, college campuses and our upstanding congress, that respected group of politicians with an 11% approval rating lead by Nancy Pelosi and RINO stalwart John McCain. Then there are the George Soros-bankrolled organizations manipulating snowflake Millennial's like puppets (the majority of whom are dumbed-down by government schools and whose minds have been molded to think socialism - even communism - is good) who scream delirious confusion in the streets, smash windows and harass motorists as they simultaneously preach "tolerance" of others.

Free speech is a meaningless provision of the constitution to these groups unless that speech is progressive blather. And it's OK to riot against conservatives if you disagree with them including looting, burning and violence - often without knowing exactly why they're behaving so (interviews typically involve blank stares and bumbling words that reflect a lack of deep thought). Do you see conservatives doing the same to their opponents? No.

False charges have been levied en masse against Trump as the entrenched media gushes hate with relentless dishonesty. He needs to fight back and obliterate them with the truth. To start, get them off the front row in the White House press room and out of view of TV cameras. They have plenty of other places to vent. Stop giving them a forum at press conferences to spew their venom as they push false narratives on the public. You can see the anger on the faces of anxious reporters from such vaunted news entities as the Clinton News Network (CNN), the Washington Compost and the Huffington, Puffington Post. Quit being nice to these hacks as if appeasing them. I saw enough of that in Juneau while serving in the legislature, where weak-kneed pols placated reporters hoping they'd write nice things about them.

We're witnessing an unrivaled persecution of our president. Yet ne'er a word against Obama after so many egregious, impeachable acts. Trump gets two scoops of ice cream on his pie, doesn't wave from Air Force One or insists that Americans stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and is eviscerated with a headline story, replete with personal criticism and speculation as to sinister motives. Obama's failure to protect our Libyan embassy resulted in the slaughter of Ambassador Stevens and yet the ex-president is treated with kid gloves and let off the hook. The disaster, rife with misleading statements and a cover-up by the administration, made Watergate look like child's play in comparison. Remember, no one died in Watergate. 

Even our very own Alaska Dispatch News has jumped on the lefty bandwagon (at least prior to its bankruptcy and change in ownership), repeating erroneous stories from back east. A Washington Post "story" in May (more of a hit piece) ripped Trump for supposedly passing classified material to the Russians in an Oval Office meeting. The Dispatch News mimics the national media while trying to appear relevant, although they're far less egregious than their predecessor, the Anchorage Daily News. They're still a mostly left-wing mouthpiece presenting so-called news in an unsuspecting, quiet, subtle manner, whereas the Daily News was downright vicious in its unabashed hatred of conservatives, myself included. 

The mainstream press is an enemy of America as they deliver poisonous propaganda with forked tongues while advocating Soviet-style socialism, heavy government controls on Americans and usurping individual freedoms. Most consist of yellow journalists who, under the cloak of alleged constitutional protection and blind hatred of Trump, prefer to impede forward progress of our country, undermine the president's efforts to build a strong economy with substantial job growth and establish an improved standard of living for the middle class. They would rather bring the U.S. to its knees to fulfill their political agenda than work to make it a better place.  

Our rivals throughout the world are happily observing our destruction from within without firing a shot. God help us.