Mark of the Beast

By Vic Kohring, October 10, 2013 

Despite not winning a seat on the Wasilla City Council this month, the election results were still a victory. I won a little under a third of the vote, which was remarkable considering my legal ordeal of the last seven years and barrage of hostile press reporting, lead by the anti-conservative Anchorage Daily News who still views me as a threat and ideological nemesis after all these years. Why they see me as a threat as a lowly city councilman is beyond me. Perhaps the "News" worried it could be a stepping stone to a return to the legislature.

Many have seen through the charade of biased reporting and recognize I was railroaded by the government into a conviction over small, inconsequential issues, the same as U.S. Senator Ted Stevens. To have been targeted by cheating prosecutors who conned a jury into convicting me much to the delight of the Daily News and then getting thrown in prison - only to return home and receive the support of a third of my community at the polls, was truly amazing.

I found the vote totals very interesting, if not troubling. A total of 666 were cast in favor of my opponent. Students of the Bible are well aware that this number represents the demonic force of Satan prophesied in the Book of Revelation. The vote count also symbolizes hostile - even evil - forces who fought mightily for my defeat, lead by the Marxist Daily News who predictably and once again went to great lengths to portray me as a sinister human being. Their editorials and manner in which they wrote "news" articles about my candidacy were designed to manipulate voters and drive a wedge between us by not only burying me politically, but destroying me as a person. 

There's an old saying that you're known by your enemies. If the News opposes and attempts to pummel you with an ongoing chorus of criticism in their pages, to me it actually speaks well of an individual and their convictions. Winston Churchill once said that if you have enemies, that's good because it means you've "stood up for something, something in your life."  

Then there were my political adversaries who quietly lurked in the shadows spreading lies and rumors. I was accused of conspiring with Wasilla Mayor Verne Rupright as if some kind of villain trying to undermine and discredit my opponent. And I supposedly collaborated with City Councilman Clark Buswell as part of a bizarre payoff, another ludicrous allegation.

The rumor mill was kicked into overdrive because my opponents were fearful of my strength as a candidate and potential comeback. My election would have been their worst nightmare, so they attempted to plant seeds of doubt and discontent. These partisan hacks were particularly concerned that I was actively campaigning door-to-door and getting reacquainted with city residents whom I used to represent in the legislature. They saw how serious my effort was and in their desperation were delirious.

I don't count my opponent Brandon Wall as an enemy, as he's a real gentlemen and a decent person and family man. In fact we're even Facebook friends. And I recognize the vote total was no fault of his. Rather it was a reflection of those who vigorously opposed me, many of whom are Christian-hating atheists, and were willing to go to nearly any length to ensure I wasn't elected regardless of who I faced on the ballot. So it was not a "Wall versus Kohring" campaign by any means. Brandon himself seemed troubled by his vote total and I was told he inquired into having a recount in hopes of changing the 666 total, even by a single vote. I don't blame him. Who'd want to be known with that kind of win.

I chose to run for Brandon's seat - against a well known incumbent seeking his second term - instead of running for an "open" seat, which would have been a lot easier. The open seat was vacated by Steve Lovell, another legislative supporter of mine, who was killed in an accident that summer. Running for Steve's seat would have bothered by conscience as I didn't want to be seen as taking advantage of his tragic loss.

I felt a powerful negative aura throughout the campaign - an intense, hostile attitude displayed by those who against me. Fortunately, it was a relatively small but vocal core group of individuals. Yet the aura was strong. It was humorous watching these angry little people squirm and scurry about in a frenzy as they actively campaigned for my defeat, paranoid about me rising again. It also struck me how the liberal element in town reared its ugly head and came out in big numbers in favor of Mr. Wall, despite his conservative credentials.

The Libs of course had zero interest in supporting a true conservative, but rather were opposed to my return to the political scene regardless of who I faced. They would have supported Attila the Hun or Adolf Hitler if their names were on the ballot opposite mine. You could see evidence of this in the placement of yard signs, letters-to-the-editor, on social networking sites and email trees. Some of Wasilla's most hardcore Democrats had Brandon Wall signs in their yards. Compounding my difficulties was that Wasilla was always the most liberal part of my former legislative district where I barely outpolled my Democrat opponents in past elections. So I began the campaign with two strikes against me.

The election had one of the highest turnouts in city history, despite being an "off year" where no mayoral election occurred. People saw excitement with my campaign which caused passions to run strong for and against me. Mr. Wall's final vote count of 666, the "Mark of the Beast" as it's known, was indicative of the wickedness in today's society of individuals influenced by dark powers of evil, where good, honest, conservative, God-fearing people are excoriated and targeted for political and personal destruction by anti-Christian, big government control advocates who abhor the principles of the Bible and constitutional fundamentals of freedom and individual liberty.

Many of these same people - even some Republicans - pretend to be conservative, cloaking themselves in the "I'm for less government" mantra, when in reality they are closet, anti-God progressives. Consequently, there's little difference between the two parties, a phenomenon I witnessed often during my tenure in the legislature.  

I am grateful to everyone who supported me. I met many wonderful folks on the campaign trail who offered encouragement and were a source of strength. Thanks also to those who made donations to my campaign, wrote letters-to-the-editor and placed signs on their property. I truly appreciate your courage and for taking a stand on my behalf. May God bless you.