Special Gifts From God 

By Vic Kohring, December 4, 2015 

It was a year ago today that I lost a special member of our family - my cat "Fang." His unique name was derived from two long fangs that protruded from his mouth. As scary as he looked, Fang was the most gentle, loving and loyal companion. Simply put, he was an awesome critter. I wrote about his loss in these pages in December 2014 while grieving over his passing from cancer.

But I'm comforted knowing that Fang's no longer suffering - and more important that I'll see my little friend again someday. As a Christian who believes in Heaven, I know God has promised to reunite us with our loved ones and I'm convinced that includes our furry and feathered friends.  

I always had pets through the years and enjoyed them immensely. They've been a big part of my life and many became like family as with Fang. The bond he and I shared was inseparable, so to lose him was extra painful. But his short life was filled with enormous amounts of love.

As Fang's personal "servant," I adored him as if he were human. We were buddies. And Fang knew how to give lots of love in return. It's sad to think of the many stray cats and dogs in this world that aren't adopted into families and who will never experience such affection. 

Evangelist Billy Graham believes pets will be reunited with their owners in Heaven, which says a lot as you can't find a more knowledgeable Christian and scholar of the Bible. Graham was once asked by a little girl whose dog had died if her pet would join her in Heaven someday. Graham replied, “If it would make you any happier, then yes, he will be.” In other words, God will give us what we desire in Heaven including animals if it will bring us happiness.

Psalms 37:4 explains that God promises to give us the "desires of our hearts," which I believe includes pets as it would be consistent with His loving and generous character. Pets will make our time in Heaven a more jubilant experience, a place where the goodness of God will be forever revealed. I know He will make it happen. 

Christians destined for Heaven have a covenant relationship with God, defined as an ongoing relationship with Him through Jesus Christ as part of His promise of salvation and eternal life. Many believe that pets also have a "covenant" with man and thus are made part of God's family and thereby extended the same grace through Jesus. Genesis 9:8-17 reinforces this where God says, "... I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh."

He further promises a covenant concerning men and animals in Hosea 2:18: “And in that day will I make a covenant for them with the beasts of the field." So Biblical passages strongly suggest that animals (and our pets) will accompany us in Heaven someday.

God has a reason and place for His created beings, whether it's man or animal. Animals therefore have a purpose in His creation. Matthew 10:29 says that God loves the company of His creatures and accounts for them all. Animals are special beings in God's eyes and pets in particular are truly gifts from above. Mine no doubt have enriched my life by adding much joy and delight over the years. Especially Fang!

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."  ~  Jean Cocteau