Are we being poisoned?

By Vic Kohring, May 9, 2017 

Have you ever given thought to the jet plumes in the sky and whether they may actually be chemtrails courtesy of the U.S. government? I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it does make me wonder when I occasionally look up and see the unusual displays crisscrossing high overhead. 

Prophecy in the Book of Revelation predicts that someday a controlling authority will appear - the Anti-Christ - who will wield power over the earth. There is growing evidence that our government is preparing for that eventuality by engaging in nefarious activity intended to control the populace. One may be chemicals deliberately pumped into the air as a means to subdue and dumb down the masses, making us docile and easily manipulated into thinking Big Brother is our friend to whom we should cower and bow down. Knowing the history of the U.S. government and its track record, I believe this is possible as they're capable of anything.

Consider experiments done on Americans in our recent past. It's well known that black people were intentionally infected with diseases to "determine how the human body responds." Others were exposed to high levels of radiation from nuclear blasts in the 1950's and 60's when the government knew full well the hazards of radiation and nuclear fallout as if testing us to see how much the body can absorb. Evidence also suggests cities were sprayed with agents containing viruses and bacterial pathogens that sickened many. So it's not that far-fetched to think our government is also poisoning the atmosphere and air we breath to medicate Americans - perhaps to control them into submission and set the stage for the Anti-Christ.   

Many people are already being medicated through chemicals in our water including fluoride, an ingredient in rat poison. The Food & Drug Administration pushes the consumption of dangerous, genetically altered and chemically-laden food on the public. Not to mention hundreds of pharmaceutical drugs created in laboratories that flood the market and dull the minds of Americans, turning many into glassy-eyed zombies. And now the air is potentially pumped with poisons gently raining down like a fine mist unbeknownst to many. It may very well be the globalist's vile, inhumane attempt to control people as referenced in Revelation as part of a One World Order. There are nearly a half million people living in southcentral Alaska, two thirds of the state's population, so we represent a big, easy, convenient target for the feds. 

I've personally observed an array of odd-looking jet "plumes" that defy logic. This past Thanksgiving on November 24, 2016, I witnessed seven simultaneous plumes in the skies above Anchorage and the Valley. They were all stretched from east to west (not in the direction of Anchorage International Airport or JBER as one would expect), in straight lines and parallel to each other while spanning approximately 15-20 miles as if part of a precise grid. Then in early December, I noticed a single, enormous plume directly above Wasilla with a strange pattern - the jet had traveled from east to west (from the vicinity of Knik River valley) and then took a sharp, right angle turn northward toward the Talkeetna Mountains while leaving behind a gigantic, expanding cloud in its wake. Unless the activity was from a military aircraft on maneuvers, it made no sense for a passenger plane to travel this route and release such a bizarre cloud. Very peculiar. 

Recently I visited a friend at the Wasilla Senior Center when I casually looked up and saw probably ten plumes directly above crisscrossing all over and covering nearly the entire area, again appearing as a grid and a carefully orchestrated effort to blanket the sky above 400,000 mostly unsuspecting Alaskans. The multitude of plumes represented far more air traffic than normal and was clearly a deliberate, structured pattern. Something was up.

I personally take precautions to keep myself healthy and ward off the effect of poisons in the environment through the use of vitamin/mineral supplements and limiting time outside when plumes are present. Whether anything is going on in our skies is uncertain and chances are the plumes are a coincidence and not worth worrying about. But it's something to contemplate and be wary of. Let's be vigilant.