Goodbye to a Special Friend

By Vic Kohring, January 13, 2015

I lost a special little friend last month that left a gaping hole in my heart. My cat "Fang" (named for his extra long fangs) succumbed to cancer and FIV, the human equivalent of AIDS, at the age of seven. Fang left us far too soon, but what a great seven years. We feel blessed to have had him in our lives as long as we did.

It has taken me a month to work up the courage to write about Fang and I do so fighting back tears. He was a member of our family whom we loved so much. Fang was a beautiful black cat, very intelligent, gentle and loving who brought us much joy and happiness. He was as close to being human as a cat can get. 

Fang came to us one day as a stray in 2007, showing up at our front door as a kitten and refusing to leave. We instantly bonded and developed an extraordinary human-feline connection. In fact, during the dark days of my legal fiasco several years ago, Fang was a source of comfort to me, a sweet, non-judgmental critter who didn't care that people spoke bad things of me and made ugly accusations. All he knew was that I was his friend who loved him unconditionally. We were buddies.

 The most excruciating, bravest and greatest act of  

  love one can show their pet is to end their suffering.

 After Fang's cancer advanced to where the inevitable end was near, we made the gut-wrenching decision to put our little friend to sleep. What a dreadful and heartbreaking decision for any pet owner, but it was the right one and the most loving thing one can do when their cat or dog is experiencing chronic discomfort from a terminal illness. The veterinarian tried to console me by saying, "The most excruciating, bravest and greatest act of love one can show their pet is to end their suffering." He was right. 

We tried our best to save Fang with chemotherapy and Holistic treatments, but the cancer was simply too aggressive. It even caused blindness. I knew the day would eventually come, but tried to block it from my mind as it was so painful. Taking him to the vet that final hour was almost unbearable as I cradled him one last time and said a prayer that God take Him in His arms. 

To this day over a month later, I still shed tears thinking about my special little friend and the fact that he's no longer here to greet me at the door, jump onto my lap, paw at me asking that I share my dinner, lick my hand with affection and curl up next to me on my bed at night as he kneaded and purred with contentment. He even learned to recognize the sound of my van as I pulled into the driveway at home and often came running off the front porch to greet me. Fang was irreplaceable and one of a kind. I miss him sorely. 

I take comfort knowing I will see loved ones again some day including pets I've held dear on this earth. I know that Fang, my cherished companion, will be there in Heaven waiting to greet me. 

You will always be a part of my heart, never forgotten and forever loved. Until we meet again!