Psalm 20:7 - Placing your trust in God

The purpose of this ministry is to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ through personal witnessing and testimonials, Bible study, guest newspaper columns, blogs and speaking appearances - with a special emphasis on ministering to seniors and the disabled. Vic Kohring was inspired to establish New Life Ministries after the sudden passing of his nephew Aaron Kohring in July 2015 who is now with his Lord in Heaven. To honor Aaron, Vic has committed himself to a mission of telling the world of God's love and salvation.

Founder of New Life Ministries, Vic Kohring, is a near life-long Alaskan who currently resides in Wasilla, 45 miles northeast of Anchorage. He is a former member of the Alaska State Legislature, having served seven terms in the House of Representatives from 1995-2007 and holds a bachelor's degree in Management Science and an MBA from Alaska Pacific University. Vic accepted the Lord Jesus into his heart in 1965 at Sunny Knik Bible Camp as a young boy and was baptized in 1986 at the Anchorage Baptist Temple. He is presently studying to become licensed and ordained in the Christian ministry. 


This ministry is dedicated to Aaron Heinz Kohring, 1988-2015.

23rd Psalm: The Lord is my Shepherd